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About Zion

Born on March 26, 1999, Lyrical Artist Zion Hyder  better "known as" Topnotch Zion" has always had a passion for music. Zion is a very talented and gifted young man not only in music, but also in basketball. Zion is proud to be a High School Scholar and Straight-A student at Benjamin E. Mays, which dispels the negative stereotypes often attributed to today's rap artists.  Make no mistake, Zion is a leader and takes pride in his ability to inspire his peers to excel and be the very best they can be and live their dreams to the fullest. One of his goals this school year is to provoke more guys to make the Honor Roll both semesters recognizing that last year the girls outperformed the guys at a rate of more than 3 to 1. He is passionate about invoking a heightened sense of urgency and social awareness through "Example" and advocacy geared toward closing that gap. 

Zion is unlike your typical rap artist and believes that he can provide high quality music that is positive and inspirational, whether you  are from Bankhead or Buckhead.  Zion has aspirations of rising to the top of the music industry both as a hip hop artist as well as producing and developing upcoming new artists.